Rumah Pohon Tabek Patah nan 'Intagramable'

View of “Tabek Patah”. The Most Instagramable Spot in Tanah Datar

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Minangkabau land is well known by the view of its nature. There are a lot of places and stories in it. Not only the nature, people also love to visit West Sumatera just because interesting about culture, socio-living, and also history (stories) about minangkabau people. When you want to learn more about Minangkabau. You may go to Tanah Datar District, also known by Luhak Tanah Datar. It also called by The Oldest Village (Luhak nan Tuo).

You may probably know much about Grand Palace of Pagaruyung (Istano basa pagaruyuang). This is the symbol of ancient kingdom of Minangkabau. In there you can find any relics and manuscript about the beginning and growing stage (also) ending of Minangkabau Kingdom.

This palace is the top spot and instagramable in Tanah Datar. But when you feel bored, you may go to Tabek Patah. Having a good view by the top of hill you can see Batusangkar city from above.

Tabek Patah is located in the roadway of Bukittinggi-Batusangkar, exactly in Tabek Patah Village, Salimpaung Sub-Districts in the 16-20km from Batusangkar.

Tabek Patah is located in the waist of Merapi Mountain. The weather is cold enough and often foggy. If it is brightening, you can see the wide green expanse of nature. The visitors can joy the view while drinking a traditional drink, called “Kawa Daun” coffee in some selling facilities.

Legend and History

Tabek means a lake and Patah means break. There are 2 versions of the history of Tabek Patah based on the hereditary story.

The first version, in Tabek Patah Village, there is a small lake that included Tabek Patah Village and Lawang Mandahiling Village. But after that, that small lake was split into two. Then one of them, until today it is named Aia Taganang (Stagnant Water) and another split is named Talago Pakih. People call that phenomenon as Tabek Patah (Broken Lake).

The second version tells that a long time ago, in Tabek Patah Village, there was an old man with his broken leg. But he had a small lake in the back of his house. Then, people named it Tabek Patah.

The Accesses

Tabek Patah is located 16-20km from Batusangkar, the capital of Tanah Datar District. Along the road to Tabek Patah, you will enjoy the green paddy fields and trees because of the rule of local government that tells about the green main street to Tabek Patah. Besides, it can be found easily.

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