The Utilization of The Heritage in Minangkabau


Adat basandi syarak, syarak basandi kitabullah.

That is a motto of Minangkabau custom. Minangkabau people prize that motto in their life. The elders formulated the cultures with breaking down that motto. Today, there are many customs that people understand in the wrong way, like the wedding ceremony which is the bride who comes visit groom family for purposing. If we explore it deeply, we will have the knowledge to understand what the meaning is.

Besides, so many people out there assume that the inheritance of the heritage in Minangkabau is not fair. Why is that? They knew that the heritage in Minangkabau is just inherited by Niniak Mamak to his niece. That is the wrong way to understand the heritage system in Minangkabau.

The Classifications Of The Heritages In Minangkabau

1. The High Heritage

The high heritage is a heritage that the management is inherited hereditary to a woman in Minangkabau. People call the woman as Bundo Kanduang. The forms of the high heritage in Minangkabau like the water spring, pool, rice fields, farm, the graveyard, and Rumah Gadang.

The Benefits of The High Heritage

  • Keeping the women of Minangkabau people from thrown away out of their village. If she is divorced from her husband or she does not have the power of economic, then the high heritage can prop her economic.
  • Keeping the land of Muslims, this does not transfer to an-Muslim that can relieve the monopoly of the main sources of the economic, that referring to ijtihad of Umar bin Khattab when returned the land spoiled of war in Iraq and Iran to the people and obligates paying Kharaj and Jizyah for the security guarantees.
  • Keeping genetic relationship system and the hospitality cross-people in Minangkabau. Every transition and also the functional shift need a conference between Datuak, Niniak Mamak, and Bundo Kanduang.

2. The Low Heritage

The inheritance of the low heritage is the people right that the management by the people as far as Datuak or Niniak Mamak knows. The forms of the low heritage are the land of the people which is the place for farming for the people have limits.

The Conditions of The Allocation of The Heritage

First, if there is a spinster in a Rumah Gadang and does not have a husband for a long time. So, a part of the heritage can be sold for wedding her.

Second, if the corps is lying in Rumah Gadang and they have no money to organize the corps.

Third, if the roof Rumah Gadang is leak and need to be fixed.

Hope you have a little knowledge of the heritage in Minangkabau and decrease your misunderstanding.

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