The Clothes Of Bundo Kanduang – Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang


If you speak about West Sumatera, you will directly think about the culinary. Besides, you will think about how wonderful the nature of Minangkabau. Also, the traditional house that named Rumah Gadang and Suntiang as the crown of the bride in Minangkabau. But not every each of you knows about other important things that were covered by the modernization, like how the traditional clothes of Minangkabau people. Here it is, you can explore another custom of Minangkabau, especially the traditional clothes.

The traditional clothes of Minangkabau are known as a simply clothes.

Bundo Kanduang Or Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang Clothes

Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang clothes or you can also call it as Bundo Kanduang clothes is a symbol of the greatness of the marriage woman. These clothes symbolize how important the rule of a mother in a family.

Limpapeh means the middle pillar of the traditional house building of West Sumatera. The rule of this limpapeh to defense the building is like an analogy of the rule of the mother in a family. If limpapeh break, then the house or building will also break like the limpapeh. And so does the mother in a family. If the mother can not manage the family, then her family will also not hold on so long.

Generally, Bundo Kanduang clothes have the different design for each of the district. But, there is some trimming that must be in, like tingkuluak, minsie, batabua clothes, lambak, salempang, Galang (armlet), dukuah (neckless), and some other accessories.

1. Tingkuluak

A cover of the head that shaped like the head of buffalo or like the roof of Rumah Gadang, call it Tingkuluak. Tingkuluak is made of a scarf and wear every day and also at the custom ceremony.

2. Batabua Clothes

Batabua clothes is a “baju kurung” that is decorated with the gold yard trinkets. The trinkets symbolize the rich of the nature in West Sumatera that can be counted, The patterns of the trinkets are various. The 4 colors variety of Batambua clothes are red, blue, black, and violet. In the end of the arm and the neck, there is a decoration named minsie. Minsie is a embroidery that symbolizes that a Minangkabau woman must obey the limitations of the customs law.

3. Lambak

Lambak is the lower that completing Bundo anduang clothes. This lambak is like songket and also tied. Lambak is wearing covering the lower body of the woman with a tie it on the waist. The fragment can be arranged in the back, the side, or in the front depends on the custom of each district.

4. Salempang

Salempang is the usual scarf that generally made of songket. Bundo Kanduang hangs it on her solder. Salempang symbolizes that a woman must have a love for the child and the grandchild, and must be careful about any conditions too.

5. Jewelry

The jewelry like dukuah (neckless), Galang (armlet), and ring. Dukuah has some patterns, are perada neckless, daraham, kaban, necktie, marble beads, and dukuah panyiaram. Based on the philosophy, dukuah symbolizes that a woman has to do anything in the truth cycle principle. While Galang (armlet) has some patterns are Galang bapahek, kunci maikek, Galang ula, galang rago-rago, and galang basa. The philosophy is a woman has the certain limitations in doing her activities.

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