Visit Sijunjung District and Find The 10 Most Famous Tourist Places


You must know about an International event in West Sumatera, that is Tour De Singkarak. This event through some districts. They are Batusangkar (Tanah Datar District), Solok, Pariaman, Lembah Harau (Payakumbuh District), Muaro Sijunjung, Padang Pariaman, Pasaman, and Singkarak Lake of course. Why are they? Because of the beauty of those district is the most worthed to show to the whole world. One of the worth district is Sijunjung.

Sijunjung is one of the districts in West Sumatera, but it is not famous yet with the whole beauty there. But you have to know that Sijunjung has 10 most famous tourist places, can be your destinations.

1. The Green Lake of Bual Hill

First place is the green lake of Bual Hill. It was an ex-mine of the coals, but not anymore. And because of the abandoned wide opened hole, today it is a lake.This lake is located in Bual Hill Village, Koto VII, Sijunjung District.

To reach this lake, you need 15 minutes from Tanjung Ampalu and 45 minutes from The Capital of Muaro Sijunjung. Today this lake is very famous because of its green color.

2. Ngalau Talago

Ngalau (Cave) talago is a real ‘heaven’ for the tracker, caver, and true traveler. This cave is a charming place, interests the nature lovers, scientist, and journalist to see the beauty of that cave. Ngalau Talago is located in Silokek Village about 2 km from Pasir Putih (White Sand) and 45 minutes drive from Muaro Sijunjung. The visitors need to walk about 1.5 km of distance to rich this cave. It is tired, but your walking is paid by the beautiful view when you rich Ngarau Talago.

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3. Andam Dewi Island

Andam Dewi Island is a tourist place that is formed by the steep mountains in Musiduga Silokek Region. This place is so beautiful, there is the tropic forest inside and there is a habitation that has people keep the beauty. To support the tourist, the government built the gazebos there for the tourists resting places.

4. Telabang Sakti Mode

This place is one of the most favorite places for the children. Here contains the pool and some playing rides. This place is naturally engineered by the owner on a purpose so that now this place is loved by so many people. Telabang Sakti Mode is located in Kamang Village, Kamang Baru, Sijunjung District.

5. The Vapor Locomotive

The Vapor Locomotive is a historical tourist place in Sijunjung of the colonialism by Japan. This place was an assembly place for the teenagers of Java and Sumatera who were promised to be students, but that was just a lie. They were the workers of romusha. This locomotive is located in Durian Gadang Village or about 2.5 km from Pasir Putih (White Sand).

6. The Rafting

The current water of Batang Kuantan River is known as one of the tracks of the rafting that is located in Sijunjung District. The government serves the guides and safety tools for this extreme sport. One of the special things about Batang Kuantan River is the hard track, so that challenges the rafters.

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7. The Custom Village of Sijunjung

The custom village of Sijunjung is an exotic village area that has been a tourist visiting in Sijunjung District. This village has some uniqueness and excellence if it is compared with other villages. The first village is Jorong Koto Padang that is reflection area of Sijunjung People in some fields, like social humanity, economy, arts, and cultures. Those can be realized by routines in this village. While the second village is Koto Padang Ranah and Tanah Bato. At 2004, this area was proposed to be the world heritage to Unesco.

8. Batang Taye Waterfall

The next tour is Batang Taye Waterfall. This waterfall is located in the tourist place of Silokek. One of the uniqueness of this waterfall is the 8 grades of the waterfall which every grade has its own beauty.

9. Tugu Intersection

Tugu intersection is a landmark of Sijunjung District. So many big events were held there and there are some government offices around there. Many traders sell their products there every night.

10. Pasir Putih (White Sand)

Pasir Putih is one of the tourist places in Sijunjung District. Even though the sand is on the side of a river, but still, it is beautiful as the sand on the beach. This place serves you so many beautiful views, like the coral reefs, the cliffs form the beautiful canyons with the current of Batang Kuantan River below.

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