Padang Beachd was ‘So Boring’. You Need To Go To The Cool Destination…


Beach? There is no doubt about the beach in Padang. One of the beautiful beaches of Indonesia. The government is trying to develop this favorite destination. As you can see today, so many decorations along the beach spoil our eyes while enjoying the blue sea. But if you go there in the holiday, you will see the sea of the human. It is boring to have refreshing but crowded and very hot. This is the time to change your destination.

So, you can explore that city into the deep of the forest in Hill Sarasah, Koto Baru Village, Ulu Gadut, South Limau Manis, Pauh District, Padang City, West Sumatera.

Find Out The Story

In fact, there is a gorgeous view impressing you about how beautiful it is. There is a waterfall named Sarasah Waterfall, the water falls down hitting the cube rocks on every rock-storeyed seven grades with its own tracks and at last, falls down merging the water pool below.

According to the story, this waterfall is also called Sarasah Banyak Gariang Waterfall. The water pool is filled by Gariang fish, because of that, the people named it as Sarasah Banyak Gariang Waterfall with 40 meters of height.

Adventure Finding The Heaven

The easy way to rich this waterfall, you can drive a motorcycle or a car. The trip begins with following Ulu Gadut main road until you find the rocky track. After arriving the post before the green paint bridge with like the roof of a house. Follow the straight way of the main track. If you confuse, you will be allowed to ask the people around who will show you the right direction. In the post, you only need to pay about Rp3000 per person and Rp2000 per vehicle for continuing your journey.

The waterfall can be riched only if you walk there, easy enough, the track has available, there is no extreme track, you just need to through along the people’s fields. Follow the track until you find the river. There are no crossroads. You need 1 hour and a half with the mileage about 6km.

Your tired will be no reminds after arriving and your eyes enjoy the amazing view, another hidden ‘heaven’ in Minangkabau.

-Spoil Your Eyes And Your Body-

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