Go Overseas, Minangkabau People Reached ‘Rantau Negeri Sembilan’


By the time someone being a teenager, especially for a boy, he has to go outside of the village. Not just to have a new living, but also to search for experiences to be a good man in the future. Morover, Nowdays most of them go outside for a reason of education. Because of this habit, minangkabau people are everywhere, you can find them easily.

If you look at the map, you will find which a province is, the district is, or the country is. But you can not read or see which the Minangkabau area is. People just know that Minangkabau is West Sumatera and also on the other hand. But the truth is West Sumatera is Minangkabau but Minangkabau is not just West Sumatera. Minangkabau includes whole West Sumatera, partly of Riau, and partly of Jambi. So, we can say that Minangkabau is wider than West Sumatera.

Besides, not all of the people know about the foreign country of Minangkabau. This foreign country is named as “Negeri Sembilan”. Why was it named “Negeri Sembilan? Wanna know? Find it out!

The History of Negeri Sembilan

A long time ago, Negeri Sembilan was one of the districts under Johor Kingdom Government. In that district, there is some region that was lead by Penghulu and helped by Datuk Lembaga or Buapak. The Penghulu who lead each of the regions got the power from Sultan of Johor.

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As the assumes, Negeri Sembilan is referring to 9 regions united for forming the political unity. There are still some questions about which the first regions of Negeri Sembilan are. According to one of the writings of history, initially, the regions of Negeri Sembilan are Sungai Ujong, Rembau, Johol, Jelebu, Naning, Kelang (today it is Klang), Hulu Pahang, Jelai, and Hulu Muar. In the development of Negeri Sembilan, occurring some problems of the position of some regions under Johor Government.

The Coming of Minangkabau People

Before the formation of Negeri Sembilan, the entourages of Minangkabau people were alternately coming to Malaka Country and stayed there. That entourages were below.

  • The First Entourage

First, an entourage was lead by Datuk Raja and his wife, Tok Seri. But their original region of Minangkabau was not clear. In their trip, they stopped by Siak District and then continued their trip cross the Malaka Strait and went to Johor. From Johor, they went to Naning and continued to Rembau. And at last, they stayed in a region named Londar Naga, because there were often of the discovery of the dragon grooves. Today, it is named as Kampung Galau.

  • The Second Entourage

The leader of this entourage was Datuk Rajo Kuga of Datuk Bandaro Penghulu Alam’s family from Sungai Tarok. This entourage stayed in a place named Sungai Layang Village.

  • The Third Entourage
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This entourage was from Batusangkar, Datuk Mangkudun Sati’s family in Sumanik. They were brothers, Sutan Sumanik and Johan Kebesaran. This entourage, in the trip, stopped by Siak District, Malaka, and Rembau. Then they made a village named Tanjung Alam and now it is named as Gunung Pasir.

  • The Fourth Entourage

This entourage was from Sarilamak, Payakumbuh, lead by Datuk Putih and came to Sutan Sumanik. He gave them of the place of the king now, Seri Menanti.

After that, alternately there were came to Negeri Sembilan, they were who stayed in Rembau from Batu Hampar, Payakumbuh with the followers from Batu Hampar and Mungka. His name was Datuk Lelo Balang. Then his brother, Datuk Laut Dalam, from Tiga Nenek Village.

The Tribes of Negeri Sembilan People

12 tribes in Negeri Sembilan : Tanah Datar, Batu Hampar, Sarilamak Pahang, Sarilamak Minangkabau, Mungka, Payakumbuh, Sari Malanggang, Tigo Batu, Biduanda, Tigo Nenek (Tiga Nenek), Anak Aceh, and Batu Balang.

-Knowing About The Foreign Country-

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