‘Pulang Basamo’ to Minangkabau Land – Road to Eid Mubarak


It is just a nature of Minangkabau custom to be unique as you can see, like the destinations, the culinary, the cultures, even each district has its own uniqueness. Minangkabau people have so many diversity habits, one of them is marantau or going to other districts out of Minangkabau, staying, and looking for their living. Even though they will return to their own hometown at some moments, like Eid Mubarak Day, curing their homesickness.

Generally, like another people in Indonesia, Minangkabau people go home at Eid Mubarak Day. But with a unique way, is go home together or “Pulang Basamo”. Sometimes they make the unique themes for it, like “Pulang Basamo Rumah Gadang”, “Kampuang Maimbau Pulang”, or “Taragak Kampuang” or other. Each village has their own unity who arrange “Pulang Basamo” event.

Beautiful Adventure Along The Way Home

Minangkabau people are going home together via landline. They will rent some buses as the transportation for going home, usually NPM, with the middle size capacity of 29 persons. Even their children on the bus too. It purposes so that their children know the other district that where they print their traces on the way home. There are three tracks going home for Minangkabau people usually from Jakarta, are west track and middle track. They will take time about 40 hours to rich their hometown. Because the drivers have agreed about the speed of the buses of 70 km/h.

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If you use the west track, you will be pampered by the view of along the beach of Sumatera Island through Lampung, Bengkulu, and entering West Sumatera via Mukomuko District. This track is just be paved by the government program, so maybe this track is still hollow. Besides, there is the middle track they will through Lampung, South Sumatera, and Jambi. This track is more like driving through the forest because of there are just so many trees along the way.

Although there is another transportation that is easier. Most of the nomads still choose the buses as the transportation for going home together. Even in some villages, one of the nomads funding “Pulang Basamo” for them who do not have funds for going home.

-How Beautiful The Togetherness Is-

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