Nagari Pariangan : Desa Terindah di Dunia
Nagari Pariangan : Desa Terindah di Dunia

Wisata ke Pariangan. Negeri Tercantik se-Dunia

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One of the principles of a traveler is looking for some places new and famous like people said. Going somewhere until the rimlands in purpose to find the beauty of a hiding place is like something they have to do. Lucky us living in Indonesia. Because Indonesia has so many places to be visited. The unlimited natural beauty combines with the sociability of the people around. It makes the traveler cannot help their desires.

The recommended destinations are not always some places that have the special characteristics, but a village or a town that has the historic building or some places that have the local wisdom or the beautiful buildings around that makes their eyes are going out. So, here we have a village to be your next destination.

Pariangan Village Is Your Next Destination

Pariangan, that is the name of that recommended destination we said before. This village is famous for the natural beauty that mingles with the classical view of the houses. With the beauty, this village is famous as one of the most beautiful villages in the world.

Let’s we begin with how classic the houses there. As a village in West Sumatera, the people built their houses with the special characteristics of Rumah Gadang, the Minangkabau Custom House. But, if we watch it carefully, the customs houses here are aging. Even though those houses are old, but still, sturdy standing there and look so beautiful.

Besides the custom houses, there is a unique masjid there. People named this masjid is Masjid Ishlah. This masjid did not adopt the roof of Rumah Gadang, but the roof has the pyramid shape that terraces. The architect is a famous theologian of Islam in Minangkabau, Syeikh Nurhanuddin. Besides the terracing roof, this masjid also has windows that are suspected adopting the dongson architect in Tibet.

Masjid Ishlah was built at the 19th century and just have two times of renovations. Once was at 1920 and twice was at 1994. Another uniqueness of this masjid is the hot water springs you can enjoy, that is connected directly to Marapi Mountain.

The Cultural Heritage of Rice Fields

Why is that? It is because the rice fields there was the first rice fields in Minangkabau. The name is Sawah Gadang Satampang, that was opened by Dt Tantajo Gurhano. It shows that Minangkabau people are keeping and looking after for their ancestor’s heritage. Even though it is the oldest rice fields in Minangkabau, but it has an amazing beauty, terraces on the hills, then indirectly create a beautiful view. And the most of the Pariangan people are farmers.

The Leadership System

The leadership system here was different before 1980, it was District system that is like the polis system in Yunani. But from 1980 until before the constitutions of the autonomy of the town at 1999, it had to follow the constitutions at that time and changed to be the village system. But when the applying of the autonomy constitution, the leadership system of Pariangan change back to the district system.

Besides, Minangkabau people believe that Pariangan is the oldest and the first village of Minangkabau. The beauty of the history and the local wisdom of Pariangan that is interesting the traveler’s interest.

-The History Completes The Beauty-

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