We Call “Sate Padang”, Actually Kinds of Sate in West Sumatera


If we ask someone out of West Sumatera about satay, they must say it “Sate Padang”. Even though, in West Sumatera, there are not just “Sate Padang”. Even actually those satays are not really from Padang and were not named “Sate Padang”, but people out there know it as “Sate Padang”. Every Indonesian people admit that one of the most delicious culinary in this country is “Sate Padang”.

But do you know that if you visit West Sumatera Barat and ask people about “Sate Padang”, you will find it? They will give you some choices of satay. So, here will explain what kinds of satay original those have its own characters from West Sumatera. It is classified into three based on where it comes from and what its curry is.

Sate Darek

This satay comes from Padang Panjang, a small town about a few km from Padang City. This kind of satays covered by the bright yellow curry, because of using turmeric as the main ingredient. This curry is tasteful and spicy. Besides, this curry is dilute easily so that you have to eat this satay quickly while it is warm.

The meat satay is roasted on the embers and releases aromatic that teases your noses. Adding crackers makes your meal much more delicious. The most legendary stall of sate darek is Sate Mak Syukur, in the traditional market of Padang Panjang.

Sate Pariaman

The real Sate Pariaman is covered by browning red curry. Usually, Sate Pariaman is spicier than Sate Darek from Padang Panjang. The curry made of rice flour, starch, coriander, garlic, onion, galangal, lemongrass, red chili, and more.

It so bad, because it is hard to find Sate Pariaman with red curry in Jakarta. Because generally, satay stalls in Jakarta make Sate Pariaman with brown curry that is the combination of Sate Darek and Sate Pariaman. Sate Padang-Pariaman that you can find in Jakarta, the stalls are Ajo Ramon, Ajo Manih, and Takana Juo.

Sate Dangung-dangung

This kind of satay comes from 50 Kota District, West Sumatera. The meat satay of Sate Dangung-dangung is sweeter and covered by yellow seasoning coconut. The curry is browning yellow and thick, and the aromatic is teasing. It perfectly matches for you who like tasty and sweet cuisines.

Come visit West Sumatera so that you can find Sate Dangung-dangung easily.

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