‘Langkuik Tamiang Waterfall’. The Hidden ‘Heaven’ in Malalak


Talking about waterfall. West Sumatera has many destination which is known by the waterfall. For your information, The waterfall is a formation of Geology of the flowing current water through the formation of rocks that have erosion and fall down from the height. Some waterfalls are created in the environment of the mountains, where the erosion happen for so many times.

West Sumatera is one of the provinces that have so many mountains. Because of that, Minangkabau has so many beautiful waterfalls that you can enjoy it. For examples, Lembah Anai Waterfall, Lembah Harau Waterfall, Aka Barayun, and more. There is so many still hidden ‘heaven’ that can be your destinations.

One of them is located behind the heavily tropic forest in Malalak Sub-District of Agam. In Fact, there is some fantastic waterfall that can make your eyes stunned. Exactly in Nyiur Town, South Malalak Village has 5 waterfalls that are worthy to be the destination for travelers.

The Beauty of Langkuik Tamiang Waterfalls, Tour of 5 Waterfalls

Each of the waterfalls has different height and uniqueness. According to Nyiur people tell that there are 17 waterfalls there. But the unique and famous waterfall is Langkuik Tamiang Waterfalls that the beauty does not need to be questioned.

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Fill your holiday and spend your time with family by visiting this Lungkuik Tinggi Waterfalls. The air around the waterfalls is fresh and the still well caring forest, and the waterfalls are exactly located on the side of Singgalang Mountain. There is the highest waterfall named Langkuik Tinggi Waterfall and 4 more of smaller waterfalls. It is so much more than amazing.

The Road to Langkuik Tamiang Waterfalls

If you are from Padang City, you have to drive via Sicincin, turn left to Koto Ambang and then to Tandikek. After that, you will arrive in Balai Akiak and then turn right to Nyiur Town.

If you are from Bukittinggi City, you have to drive to Padang Luar Crossroads, turn right to Malalak Crossroads. Then turn left to Nyiur Town. It will be an hour on this way.

Before you walk to the waterfalls, you have to pay Rp5000 for each person in the posts of Langkuik Tamiang Waterfalls. And you have to fill some forms that tell you how many people are leaving with you.

On the way to those waterfalls, you will find some difficult tracks and the only way there, because the location is far away in the forest. You will trough a footpath filled by the stones, uphill, and saggy. And you have to walk carefully because of the slanting road of 70 degrees down to the waterfalls. Then, you will see a few rivers, which is rocky and slippery, so we have to walk carefully. But that waterfall manager has prepared the rope for crossing the river.

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After arriving in the waterfalls, all of your exhaustion will be vanish because one by one of the beautiful waterfalls shows up. No wonder, if people monumentalize this beautiful memory as a picture and viral it in social media.

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