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Travelling will not be enough with no culinary thing. Once you visit tourism places, another one you need to remind is what kind of (new & unique) food you can have. Morever when you go travelling to West Sumatera, also known as land of Minangkabau. Every corner you’ll find not just one, but a lot of unique foodies perhaps you’ll never find it anywhere else.

You may probably familiar with Tanah Datar district. One of popular and iconic place from the event Tour de Singkarak, International Competition Cycling. Not far from that ‘Great Palace of Pagaruyuang’, there is a small village which is known by unique rice rolls curry. That village is called Pitalah.

Pitalah, the name of a small village in Minangkabau that anyone never heard. If you ask someone who is from out of West Sumatera, they will ask you back. ‘What? Is that a name?’ and some responses like that. Even though there is no one knows this village exists, here will explain to you what the uniqueness of this nowhere  village.

If you ever heard “lontong sayur” or “ketupat gulai”, then now you will have a knowledge about culinary of Pitalah. People call it “katupek gulai pitalah” or “katupek pitalah”. According to the customers, there is something special about this meal. Sometimes, they ask both sellers and producers about what the secret receipt of that “katupek pitalah” is. But there is nothing special about its receipt. However, how to make it, what the difference is. Check it below.

How to Make “Katupek Gulai Pitalah”

1. The “Katupek”

“Katupek” is a rice cake that is warped by the coconut leaves. Shape the coconut leaves into a diamond, some way. Then, fill it with some rice. After that, steam it in a pan until it is sunken for about 3 hours. After 3 hours, put the “katupek” out of the pan. Let it cool down on a pedestal.

2. The “Gulai”

“Gulai” is as we know as curry. It is made of coconut milk and some natural spices, like turmerics, turmeric leaves, gingers, chilis, some garlic, lime leaves, lemongrass, and resins. Mash all of the spices before put it into the coconut milk. Stir it slowly while you cook it so that the coconut milk will not dehiscent. Furthermore, we also need some vegetables, like not too small cutting jackfruit, sliced beans, sometimes we can add the sliced bamboo sprouts or radish leaves.

This is what the difference is. If you start heating the mixtures of coconut milk, spices, and vegetables at this afternoon, it can be served in tomorrow morning. And that is when the perfect taste you will get.

3. The Topping

For the serving, “rujik” or remove it from the cooked coconut leaves and cut it into dices. Put it on a plate and flush the “gulai” or curry on it. For the topping, add some noodles that are covered by mashed fried chili and crashed red crackers (look like the main image).

If you want to joy the real “katupek gulai pitalah”, then you can go to Padang Panjang traditional market or you can get it by visiting the Pitalah traditional market. Hope you will enjoy and satisfied.

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