“Karupuak Pitalah” – A Cracker Complete Your Meal from Pitalah


West Sumatera is one of the provinces that has so many worthy destinations, one of them is Singkarak Lake. The whole world must know that lake, of course. Why is that? Because one of the international events, Tour de Singkarak, took place in there for many years. Singkarak Lake is located between two districts, are Tanah Datar District and Solok District.

Tanah Datar District with the whole of the beautiful destinations we know, like Istano Pagaruyuang, Lembah Anai, Tabek Patah, and more. Beside this district is known by the culinary, like “Dakak-dakak Simabua”, “Katupek Gulai Pitalah”, and more. But there is one kind of crackers that no-Pitalah-Bungo Tanjung (Pita Bunga) people may just hear, Pita Bunga people call it “Karupuak Pitalah”.

When we are visiting some tours, it is not memorable without tasting the culinary there. It is like the salt inside the cuisine, a little bit can make any cuisines more delicious and yummy.

How to Eat and Enjoy “Karupuak Pitalah”

Pitalah people make that cracker with natural ingredients without any preservatives, that is the sweet potatoes and adding some additives, like some green onions and chilis. You can enjoy it as a topping for “Katupek Gulai Pitalah” or make “Karupuak Tenggek” – (put some noodles covered by fried chili on that cracker and add some curry on top) -, it is like “Karupuak Leak“.

“Katupek Gulai Pitalah” will be more delicious with some toppings on top of it. One of them is “Karupuak Pitalah”. You can crush it on top of “Katupek Gulai Pitalah” and joy the spicy cuisine and that crunchy when you chewing it inside your mouth. Also, you can make “Karupuak Tenggek” or eat it as original way.

How to Make “Karupuak Pitalah”

Making that cracker is not a difficult thing, but it needs your politeness. You will need some boiled sweet potatoes, and also some dried slice green onions and chilis, then mix them all. Take some of the mixtures and round it, not too big. After that, grind it with the grinder until it is slight and shape it like a circle about 10-15cm of diameter.

After shaping all of the mixtures, dry it be placed on as a base with the knitted coconut leaves in the sun for about 5 hours. And at last, fry it in hot olive oil until it expands and cooked enough. Finally, “Karupuak Pitalah” can be served.

-Complete Your Journey with The Culinary-

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